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Jane Marsh & Linda Hall.
Hindemith's Das Marienleben in NYC, December 20, 2004
Ironically, I have always said that it is table manners, which cause war. When one thinks that accepted table etiquette in one country is not at all accepted in another, it's not a bad parallel.



Hindemith Life of Maria (Das Marienleben)

New English program text translation by Jane Marsh, to original German text by Rainer Maria Rilke-translated for Austrian Cultural Forum NYC, December 20, 2004

Christmas Songs (Weihnachtslieder)

Christmas Songs (Weihnachtslieder) - New Translation for Singers

English translation by Jane Marsh, to original German text by Peter Cornelius

Joseph Marx' Italian Songbook

…"With your dedication to Joseph Marx you are a part of an historical process…
…it is totally unacceptable that his Italian Songbook is so little known today.

Miss Marsh, we thank you very much for your readiness to contribute actively to the re-discovery of this great composer. We are much honored.

With best regards,
Joseph Marx Gesellschaft - Dec 14, 2006

Dec 16, 2006-NY Forum-Marx Italian Songbook performed in NYC/Jane Marsh

…as ever, a very major quality artist, with strong overtones of special ness, wisely valued, among others, by the Austrian Cultural Forum of New York, where Ms. Marsh performed the lush Italian Songbook, among others, by Joseph Marx…We must hear this again….


Jane created a very understandable English translation of Rainer Maria Rilke's Das Marienleben (Life of Maria) for the Austrian Cultural Forum NYC")



Holiday Desserts:

. Taylor Pudding

. Cranberry Pudding (Baked)

. Orange Pudding (Steamed)

. Plum Surprise (Baked)

. Carrot Pudding (Steamed)

Viennese Holiday Desserts:

. Chocolate Pudding with White Icing

. Baked Alaska, Viennese Style

. Palatschinken or Pancakes

. Emperor Omelets with Raisins

. Salzburger Nockerl