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Liu in Puccini’s Turandot at the San Francisco Opera under Giuseppe Patane
Liu in Puccini’s Turandot at the San Francisco Opera under Giuseppe Patane
It is quite interesting how designated people enter your life for a reason.

The Leonora of Jane Marsh... engagingly warm in vocal color and a compelling stage figure.

Jane Talks, Anecdotes...when our stories are not being told...

What do we do when our stories are not being told?...Dance to the music of the living and dead, and you will find your way home.
Jane Marsh


Debut as Pamina in Mozart’s Die Zauberflöte at the San Francisco Opera under Horst Stein. Jane was suggested to Kurt Herbert Adler by Oberlin College Voice Teacher, Ellen Repp up

Recommendation by Oberlin College’s Ellen Repp & San Francisco Opera General Director Kurt Herbert Adler’s letter to Musical Consultant Otto Guth – I Want Credit of Jane’s Debut

Backstage left to right: Jane Marsh, General Director Kurt Herbert Adler, Jane’s mother and father.

I remember you mentioned how excited you were to have heard this girl, Jane Marsh, when you listened to her in the Met Auditions, and I can tell you that I knew immediately when I too heard Jane, and was later introduced to her-Jane having been originally recommended to me by my long time colleague, and Jane’s voice teacher at Oberlin College, Ellen Repp-that this would be a one in a million kind of singer. I have invited her to be in our next season, which she has refused, because of college, but I want the credit of her US Debut! The Met is in competition for that!


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