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When I look at orange I feel ready to launch into song!

The vocal and artistic statement, which Jane Marsh makes, would be hard to match in any generation.
Verdi invites me to get to the essence of my core vocal color.

Critiques are important in marketing a career, but we need to be careful not to put our self-esteem in the hands of critics.

...with strong overtones of special ness. Ms. Marsh performed...among others...the lush Italian Songbook by Joseph Marx...superior vocalism and execution from Ms. Marsh, for any age and era.

Jane Marsh in the recording studio.

Jane Marsh in the recording studio.

Audio Selections:

NOTE: Selections may take upwards of 20 seconds before playing on slow dial-up connections. For this reason, these AUDIO (sound clips) are more or less two to three minutes, exhibiting all or the main potions of each individual selection.

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Spirit be joyful! Compiled, edited, translated, and transliterated by Jane Marsh 14 songs for Advent and Christmas for high voice and piano with accompanying CD

Covering the Baroque to the contemporary, this anthology features 14 lesser-known gems in English, German, Italian, Latin, and Russian by major composers. Marsh provides faithful English singing translations. A CD with piano accompaniments is included. Perfect for solo recitals or church services.

To order, please order online at Oxford University Press (abroad UK) and (USA).


Jane Marsh (Soprano), Gerd Ohlssen (Pianist)

Now Available on iTunes.


Jane Marsh (Soprano), Gerd Ohlssen (Pianist)

Now Available on iTunes.

LIED - Barber, [Sure on this Shining Night]. Lowell Farr; Pianist
(mp3 - 3.4 mb)

LIED - Tchaikovsky, [To forget so soon]. Lowell Farr; Pianist
(mp3 - 4 mb)


Wolf (Mörike) Schlafendes Jesuskind (Sleeping Jesus child)
(mp3 - 380k)

Reger-Maria Wiegenlied (Lullaby)
(mp3 - 320k)

Hindemith Motet (Matthew) Cum natus esset (When Jesus was born)
(mp3 - 276k)

Jane Marsh: Rachmaninoff Recital Song, "How beautiful this spot" 2017; 2:18  
Jane Marsh: Verdi Aria, Giovanna D'Arco, "O ben s'addice...Sempre all'alba" 2017; 4:44  

'Live' Recordings:

Marx- Waldseligkeit (Forest Bliss)
(mp3 - 720k)

Marx- Hat dich die Liebe berührt (Has Love Touched you)
(mp3 - 660k)

Poulenc- Voyage à Paris (Voyage to Paris)
(mp3 - 272k)

Rorem-Youth, Day, Old Age & Night
(mp3 - 1500k)


Puccini-O mio Babbino caro (Oh, my dear Daddy) [Gianni Schicci]
(mp3 - 460k)

Tchaikovsky-Tatyana's Letter Scene [Eugene Onegin]
(mp3 - 276k)

Handel-Achille Warrior Aria [Deidamia]
(mp3 - 388k)

Verdi-O Patria mia (Oh, my Homeland) [Aida]
(mp3 - 376k)

Verdi, [Desdemona Ave Maria] with Piano. Lowell Farr; Pianist
(mp3 - 4.8mb)

Complete Opera Scene

Verdi-Act II Recitativo Abigaille... (Happy chance I found you, o fatal document) [Nabucco]
(mp3 - 764k)

Verdi-Act II bel canto Aria Abigaille... (Also I opened my heart to happiness) [Nabucco]
(mp3 - 1.1mb)

Verdi-Act II Cabaletta Abigaille... (I now Ascend) [Nabucco]
(mp3 - 506k)


Vocal Showcase: A Royal Day at the Opera; 1:16  

Parsifal Showcase Announcement; 1:28
Jane Marsh: Parsifal Showcase Lecture 2018; 13:54
Jane Marsh: Eugene Onegin Master Class Lecture Introduction 2017; 4:16
Jane Marsh: Eugene Onegin Master Class Segment; 4:42
Jane Marsh: Mahler Recital Song, "Wer hat dies Liedlein erdacht" 2016; 2:12

Historical Television

Jane Marsh: Television, Red Skelton Show, "Speak Low" (Kurt Weill); 4:39
Jane Marsh: Television, Bell Telephone Hour, "O Patria mia", Aida; 4:55
Jane Marsh: Beethoven Ninth Symphony, "An die Freude", Boston Symphony; 1:29
Jane Marsh: Puccini Aria, La Boheme, "Mi chiamano Mimi", Hollywood Palace; 6:47

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